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I am a very busy and important person, and must suffer the guilt of not getting around to replying to emails when I forget to and such. So, hopefully the question you were going to ask is answered below, but if not, please drop me a line at jesse [at] - and I will try to respond, probably.

Hey, these are not all the biases in the whole world! Why are you a terrible person?

This website and poster is provided as a free resource for learning about some of the most common cognitive biases. For a more comprehensive list, have a look at Wikipedia over here:

No bias. No bias. You're the bias!

If you're feeling threatened by finding out about cognitive biases and wish to tell us about it, please direct all correspondence to

Who are you, and why are you doing this?!

Hello, my name is Jesse. I do things to try and make the world a thinkier place. Have a look at if you like. Oh, and do check out who helped me make this website with their wonderful wizardry.

Can I use these things for my class / life / whatever?

All the stuff on this website and poster is published under a creative commons BY-NC-ND license, which means you're free to print, reproduce, and distribute it with the proviso that you do so non-commercially and give attribution to

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